SOPIS 2006

Class blog for Norene Leddy's summer 2006 SOPIS class at Parsons The New School for Design.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Schedule for final week

Thursday August 3:
Critic and curator David Gibson will talk for 40 minutes about his work and experiences in the New York art world. After David's talk, we will go with him to SVA (School of Visual Arts) to his students' open studios. From 6-7 I will meet with teams individually to check on your final projects.

Friday August 4 (optional in-class work time):
Room 406 in 55 West 13th Street is reserved for our class from 12-2:45pm.
I will be available from 12:45-2:45 to help you with your final projects in this classroom. Please let me know if your team is planning to come, you can stop by any time between 12:45-2:45.

Tuesday August 8:
You will all be presenting your final projects on Tuesday August 8 from 4-6pm in our classroom, N405. This, and your effort throughout the class, is most of your final grade. Each presentation should be 10+ minutes, and each team member must contribute to the final presentation. Everyone is doing power point presentations, so I will have a laptop and projector. Please bring in your power point on CD or DVD. After the presentations, we will have a party. This will be our last class together, so bring some snack food to celebrate all of your hard work! I'll bring soda and cups, you guys should bring junk food :)

Thursday August 10:
Tentative schedule for the final night...
4:00 - 5:15 - Closing meeting with Anne Gaines, head of the program
5:15 - 6:15+ - Full group presentations - probably at Lang Auditorium (55 W. 13th)
6:15+ - 7:00 - Food!

There will be one group from each section presenting to the whole group from 5:15-6:15 on Aug. 10. For our class, I have chosen Team D5 (Christine, Chloe, Sun Min, Carlos, Haneka and Nora) and their new designs for metrocard public restrooms on the LES.


Directions for posting to

Team D5 did a great job compressing and posting their video to youtube! Check out their site:

All teams, please post your video to

1. Get your movie ready in iMovie.
Open your iMovie project file, or open iMovie and import your Quicktime file. Go to File>Share. Click on the QuickTime tab and choose "Compress movie for: Web." This will make a smaller file (less than 100mb) that you can then upload to youtube. If you are working from a DVD, remember to copy your files to the computer's hard drive first, then use the copied files on the computer with iMovie.

2. Upload your movie to youtube.
Go to and create an account. Once you're finished, click on the Upload tab. Choose your ready-for-web movie, and then add your movie info. Upload the file, and when it's done, go to "My Movies" to view it. To the right you will see a URL link and below it, Embed. Copy the Embed link to your blog in your next posting, this will embed the movie file in your blog posting. Then add it to your team blog (and personal blog if you want).

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Class blog entry #5 (due Tues. August 1)

Write about our visiting architect/designer Donald Hearn. Did his presentation make you think differently about design? Did you see anything different, that you had never seen before?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Field trip to meet the G.R.L.

On Thursday we are going to the Eyebeam Art + Technology Center to meet members of the Graffiti Research Lab (G.R.L.). Please go to their website and look at their work,, before the field trip. Start thinking about questions to ask the G.R.L., and on our class blog, answer these questions: What design problems are the G.R.L. team trying to solve? How are they solving these problems? Are these good solutions?

We will meet at Eyebeam promptly at 4pm. Eyebeam is located at 540 W. 21st Street, between 10th and 11th Aves. Take the L train to 8th Ave., then transfer to the C, uptown to 23rd Street. This will let you off at 23rd Street and 8th Ave. Walk south to 21st Street, then 2 1/2 long blocks west towards 11th Ave. You can also walk, which will take you 25 minutes, or take the crosstown bus from 23rd Street.

Class Blog Entry #4 (due Tues. July 25)

What design problems are the G.R.L. team trying to solve? How are they solving these problems? Are these good solutions?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Class Blog Entry #3 (due Tuesday July 18)

Comment on either our trip to the Cooper-Hewitt or The LES Tenement Museum. Did anything you saw resonate with you, or inspire you in some way?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lower East Side Tenement Museum field trip

As discussed in class, on Friday July 14 we are going to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum ( The museum is located at 108 Orchard Street at Delancey Street. Please meet me there promptly at 11:30am on Friday, you don't need to go to the classroom first.

We will be taking 2 guided tours of the museum and the LES: 1 called "Piecing It Together: Immigrants in the Garment Industry" of the museum itself, as well as a guided walking tour that looks at the neighborhood’s past and present, focusing on specific sites in both historical and contemporary context. The total cost is $15, please be sure that you have $15 in cash to pay the musem at the door. This will be the only field trip for this class that costs money. Please bring an umbrella if it looks cloudy or rainy, the walking tour is rain or shine.

Team blogs

Please create a blog for your team. Your team blog is a place where you can work out your ideas for projects (like your interview questions for the LES Portraits project), and document all of your team's hard work.

Include every assignment. So far we have created maps of day and night in the LES, and maps of specific blocks of the LES. These projects should be posted to your blog and include photos of the maps and brief descriptions of them. Also, be sure that your team blog includes links to your personal blogs.

Team 1 (Amy, Ho, Hiro, James and Yu-Chen) did a really great job with their team blog, you can use it as a reference. They have done a good job of documenting their work, and there are links to everyone's personal blogs in their links list.

Cooper-Hewitt field trip

As discussed in class, we are going to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum ( on Thursday July 13. The museum is located at 2 East 91st Street, at the corner of 91st Street and 5th Avenue. Please meet me at the musem entrance promptly at 2:30pm on Thursday, you don't need to go to the classroom first. There is no admission charge. We will be going on a guided tour of the exhibits, "Feeding Desire: Design and the Tools of the Table, 1500–2005" and a solo exhibition of work by the French industrial designer Matali Crasset. Be sure to bring your sketchbook and pencils to sketch and take notes.

Take the 4 or 5 subway (the express, NOT the local 6 train) from Union Square to 86th Street Station. Walk 5 blocks north to 91st Street, then walk 3 blocks west to 5th Ave. (towards Central Park). The museum is on the south side of 91st Street, just before Central Park. Should you get lost, you can call the museum at 212.849.8400 or the Pre-Enrollment office at 212.229.8925.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Revised syllabus -- please print

Click here to download the latest version of our class syllabus. We have some new guest speakers and a few room and date changes. Please download the new version and print it for your records.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Personal Blogs: Directions and Guidelines

1. Please create a personal blog using blogger (, and send me the url of your blog and your username.

2. Then create a flickr account,, for storing and uploading your photos.

3. Create a flickr url. Log in to flickr, then go to the "you" menu, click the arrow next to "you" and choose "your account." Then choose "Set up your own URL" under "Your own Flickr web page."

4. Link your flickr account to your blog. Log in to flickr, then go to the "you" menu, click the arrow next to "you" and choose "your account." Then choose "your blogs" under the "blogging" section, and enter your blog info. This will allow you to post images directly to your blog.

5. Add a link to your flickr account in your links list (or blogroll). If your blog does not have a links list, or you are having trouble, please see "How do I edit my link list?" at

***You are required to post to your personal blog once a day, in english, at least 1 paragraph (3-4 sentences) of text. Photos are optional. I will check your blogs throughout the week to make sure that you are keeping up, so please post daily.***

Class Blog Entry #2 (due Thursday July 6)

Respond informally to anything you have learned, or saw differently, in connection with Cynthia Lawson's presentation. Write at least 1 paragraph (3-4 sentences).